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A sophisticated mix of country style, vintage and esoteric elements of plenty of various wedding styles, ofter hard to define, often adorned with unique needlework, plenty of floracl decoration, wood and farm-to-table food. This is not everything that defines the rustic style of weddings of course, but it is it in a nutshell. At WINSA however we don’t want to reduce things to their common denominator – we prefer to explore them and realize them to their fullest extent, as well as tailoring them to your unique needs. A rustic style wedding is no exception whatsoever here!

A rustic style wedding ceremony

It’s most likely not just the wedding reception you’re after, but also the wedding itself. In this case, why not have a wonderful rustic style wedding in Poland as well?

Rustic style accessories

Rustic style wedding and wedding ceremony is not just about picking the right place – which should not be difficult at all, as we have plenty of tried and true spots that work wonderfully for rustic style weddings. It’s however also the choice of accessories, the right hairstyle, the wedding dress that works with it all – taking care of all of those details and making sure they all fit your vision can be quite the exhilarating experience – after all, it’s your vision of a wedding in rustic style you’re creating!

Rustic-style wedding menu

We are firmly convinced that our very own Polish cuisine is an absolutely perfect match for rustic style weddins – you can even find elements that are straight out of a rustic style wedding at just about any wedding ceremony in Poland. There are plenty of inspirations for a menu for a rustic wedding in Polish history and traditions and it would be quite a shame not to research a bit and find the absolutely prefect dishes, soups and appetizers to fit your rustic wedding and wedding ceremony. You may want to look outside of Polish traditions as well – how does a parsley lemonade sound?

Have a rustic wedding with WINSA Wedding Planners

Dzięki naszemu szerokiemu doświadczeniu pomożemy Ci zorganizować niezapomniane wesele w stylu rustykalnym, które będzie dopracowane w każdym najdrobniejszym szczególe. Żeby zobaczyć więcej inspiracji, wejdź także na nasz blog DorotaNowakowska. Thanks to our extensive experience we will be happy to organize a wonderful rustic style wedding for you – just let us know! Be sure to also visit DorotaNowakowska.pl for more rustic wedding inspirations.