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Today the only restrictions that remains when it comes to getting married is the budget, the will and the imagination - hence why increasingly more couples decide on a wedding abroad, in Vienna for instance. If you decide to hire a wedding planner, there's not a lot you will need to keep on your mind - but one of those things is preparing the documents for a wedding abroad.   Fot. Internet.   Below you will find a list of documents for a wedding abroad: Civil wedding abroad:       Passport  Copy of the act of birth  Written confirmation of a lack of law-regulated reasons against the marriage, such as an existance of a ongoing one  A confirmation of ceasing of any previous marriages   Church wedding abroad:  Act of civil wedding   Chritening act along with a note on any other sacraments  License for wedding outside the parish the couple belongs to   Certificate of premarital education and visit to the family counseling center It is worth remembering that the organization of weddings abroad requires a lot of time, patience and scrutiny in order to book all required services and timeliness in completing all formalities so the wedding is valid and can take place. If you have any difficulties in preparing for a wedding abroad or just want to enjoy your wedding without the very real stress of the preparations, contact us at WINSA Wedding Planners. A WINSA wedding consultant will take care of your dream wedding, taking you out of all the hardships of preparation and helping you to find yourself in the thick of formalities that must be met to go ahead with a wedding in another country. Examples of activities we can take care of for you:  Preparing a scenario for the wedding trip in the country and place of the couple's choosing   Support in dealing with formalities related to the organization of a wedding in another country.  Help in booking transport, accommodation, transfers.  Help in choosing a photographer, video operator, musical and floral setting.  Organizing the full wedding stylization of the Bride and the Groom - hairdresser, stylist, etcetera  Organizing trip and wedding attractions   Choosing a venue for the wedding reception along with the dinner,  help in choosing the menu and alcohol.  Full care of the coordinator on the wedding day - you will be able to feel safe and comfortable  Negotiations of contract terms with subcontractors.  Help in choosing dresses and accessories before you go. Best of luck!   Be Inspired, Dorota Nowakowska Konsultant...