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Wieliczka Salt Mine Wedding


Wieliczka Salt Mine Wedding is a wedding unique in each and every inch. Some might consider it on the weird side – but Salt has been associated with fertillity, prosperity and stability for ages, making a Polish Salt Mine wedding quite the appropriate scenario. There are two places where you might want to say “Yes” – the St. Kinga’s Chapel or the St. Jan’s Chapel. While both are wonderful places, in most cases we recommend the St Kinga’s Chapel – it’s a true centerpiece of the Wieliczka Salt Mine. Decorated with crystal chandeliers, a breathtaking floor and plentiful pieces of decoration, it’s a place that truly takes one’s breath away. It’s a perfect place for medium and large weddings in Wieliczka Salt Mine – for the smaller ones we would recommend the St Jan’s Chapel, a great spot for weddings up to 40 Guests. White the St. Kinga’s Chapel is located 101 metres below ground, for St. Jan’s the number is an even more impressive 135 metres. The chapel has a stunning wooden architecture that is also a sight to behold! 

Attractions that come with a wedding at Krakow Salt Mine include a choice of one of five stunning underground chambers as ballrooms for the wedding reception, dining facilites that come equipped to serve even the large wedding receptions, a professional service and attractions such as the opportunity to meet Kinga and Skarbnik, characters from the Wieliczka Salt Mine folklore. A regular tour of the Salt Mine is a possibility as well. If you choose so, the Official Orchestra of the Wieliczka Salt Mine can provide the soundtrack – or you can choose any other band, it is not an issue even given the very peculiar nature of the Salt Mine.

Our Wieliczka Salt Mine Wedding services include:

  • Preparation a complete scenario of the festivities and the design – everything tailor-made to suit the aesthetic of the Salt Mine wedding.
  • Preparation of all formalities
  • Preparation and/or help with the Wedding’s live music
  • Accommodation right by the Wieliczka Salt Mine
  • Consultation with invitations and such
  • Attractions for wedding guests, gifts, thank-yous, tours, etc
  • Flowers & decorations

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