Outdoor weddings

Pan Młody i Panna Młoda na plaży siedzą przytuleni i uśmiechają się w kierunku fotografa

There is no denying an outdoor wedding & reception is a magnificent idea. It’s worth remembering though, that the organizational side of it can be more demanding than it is with regular weddings. They require proper arrangements, safety factors and permits.

Our services related to outdoor weddings and receptions include:

  • Assistance in picking the perfect place for the wedding and the reception
  • Preparing a list of possible places for the wedding and the reception
  • Renting the tents, furnishings and other event provisions
  • Booking the venues or places for the selected day
  • Booking the catering, bartenders and other members of staff
  • Ensuring the layout of selected place matches what the attractions require
  • Preparing backup plans in case of bad weather incidents
  • Organizing the flowers and decorations for both the wedding and the reception
  • Organizing the musical side including the band and the setlist
  • Preparing the aperitif and the snacks for Wedding Guests
  • Organizing transport, transfers, accommodation and attractions for Guests
  • Coordinating the wedding and the reception
  • Coordinating the payments for subcontractors

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