International Weddings and Receptions

Piękna i naturalna Panna Młoda stoi i romantycznie patrzy w dal

With open borders and hearts, there’s little wonder that the number of international couples grows exponentially year by year. We leave for a number of reasons, but what’s important is that we want to spend the perfect day here in Poland. Couples that decide to plan & carry out their wedding in Poland often have at least one partner that was born here – but we will be happy to bring the joy of a Polish wedding also to those who have never stepped foot in this country. If you don’t really know how to organize an international wedding and reception, you can contact WINSA Wedding Planners. We specialize in organization of international weddings and know how to handle any and all potential challenges that may arise. We will take care of all the church and office formalities and organize a translator or a priest fluent in Your language.

Our service covers, among others:

  • Preparation of a scenario and style project that fuses two cultures with harmony and grace.
  • Preparation of a rough budget and schedule of further preparations
  • Help with organizing the formalities necessary for a civic, church or concordate marriage
  • Organizing all the necessary translations, as well as a priest that speaks your language
  • Picking the best venues for your wedding reception along with preparing the perfect menu, liquors and the wedding cake
  • Preparing the musical side of your wedding – including the band and the setlist
  • Ensuring your wedding and reception is captured in photographs and film
  • Organizing attractions for the wedding guests – gifts, thank yous and even guided tours
  • Preparing a consistent overall style including the flower arrangements, the sets and the scenarios
  • Preparing the wedding invitations, reception cards, menus, seating charts and more
  • Coordinating transfers, transport and accommodation.

Any questions? Interested in our offer? Contacts us: +48 535 926 949