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Wedding venue contract

Preparations for the wedding and the reception usually means that we have quite a lot on out plates – often more than we are able to handle. In such a multitude of commitments, planning and formalities, we must pay a special dose of attention to the contracts we sign – one of the most important, a wedding venue contract – the place where our wedding reception party will take place. Find below a set of tips that will tell you how to sign a document, so that you will not regret this decision later and how to make sure that you receive everything that’s negotiated – on condition that it will be written in the contract with the wedding venue! Read on.

What do you have to remember before signing a wedding venue contract? After choosing your dream venue (or going for an outdoor one!) for the wedding you are completely satisfied with (after signing the contract it will be too late to change the wedding hall!), there is a stage of determining, in most cases with the owner or his representative, all the details of your reservation. The first detail, which is really a big issue, is the very basic topic, which is to agree on the date of the wedding ceremony. Your dream venue for a wedding must be free then and resist accepting any other reservations! Usually, it will be necessary to pay an advance payment to your wedding venue at this time. Usually the advance payment is not documented by any contract but by a document confirming the payment. Make sure that such a “receipt” is suitably detailed and leaves no doubt as to which booking date you pay an advance for!

As for the wedding venue contract itself, it is equally important to check all the relevant details – on one hand, by the couple, on the other hand, the owner of the wedding venue or his representative. It is necessary to confirm all the data entered in the contract, check whether the contract lists the appropriate type of ceremony – it is important that the contract specifies the organization of a wedding, because this type of contract implies different additional responsibilities on the part of the wedding venue! Other important elements that should be included as part of a contract with a wedding venue are, among others, determining when the couple will arrive, and when Wedding guests arrive. It is also important to write down when waiter service is to start.

Other elements that should be included in the wedding venue contract:

  • Costs. As a rule, the cost for the wedding venue and service is given in the cost per person format, so it is key is to find out if it is growing above a certain number of guests – and if that is the case, what is the amount?
  • Determining precisely what is included in the costs provided on the contract. It is good practice to write down what the wedding venue takes into account in order to avoid any surprises during the contract and coordination of the wedding.
  • Responsibilities of the parties – what does the wedding venue ensure? Usually, this will be a commitment to provide the menu selected by the Couple at specified times, waiter service at certain hours, the wedding hall setting, such as chairs, table cloths or tables, the ability to easily connect the sound system or instruments and a separate room for newlyweds.
  • Damages – although of course we should not automatically assume that they will happen, we must prepare ourselves to avoid an unpleasant surprise at a beautiful party. It is necessary to find out who is responsible for damages, what are the variables affecting the change of the responsible person, or whether damage to glassware “counts”.

When signing a wedding venue contract, it is usually required to pay a certain amount as an advance – remember that usually the advance is non-returnable.

Below we have prepared a set of questions that, even if at times they seem insignificant, will help you organize your wedding reception in a dedicated venue and can save you unexpected expenses – sometimes bigger than you might think!

  • How early should the menu be set?
  • Is the parking paid separately?
  • Should alcohol be bought by yourselves? Does the property have a “corkage fee”?
  • Is the room for newlyweds included? How about rooms for visitors? Is it possible to buy an accommodation package?
  • Is the fruit, cake, sweet buffet included? If not, should you organize them with the  wedding venue or completely on your own?
  • Are the dishes served buffet-style?
  • What is the payment for food for the orchestra, band, photographer and other “functional guests” of your wedding reception?
  • Can you take leftover food with you after?
  • Is decorative bread included in the price (its price may surprise)?
  • Is the first glass of champagne included in the price?
  • Is there an extra fee for broken glasses? We know wedding venues charging a fine of PLN 10 for breaking a single glass!
  • Does the wedding venue have air conditioning?
  • What is the table setting at the wedding hall and can you customize it? If so, to what extent?
  • Is the decoration of the tables included?
  • What time do the Wedding Guests have to check out and what time the Newlyweds? Usually, the Bride and Groom get the comfort of a late check-out.
  • What is the required deposit amount for booking an appointment?
  • What amount must be advance paid before the ceremony? Often it’s up to 80% of the grand total.
  • It’s a good idea to ask about photos from previous wedding and wedding ceremonies in a given wedding venue
  • It’s good to check the size of the dancefloor and the slipperiness of its surface – no joke!
They will help you avoid disappointments and allow you to choose a wedding venue you are very happy with. You can always decide to contact WINSA Wedding Planners, twe will make sure the reception party is perfectly organized and without stress. We will deprive you of all the stress associated with wedding planning and make sure that your contract with the wedding venue is precise and most beneficial for you – the young couple. You do not have to decide for a big service – we can help you exactly with what you need and nothing more.
Be inspired by Winsa,
Dorota Nowakowska
Polish Wedding Planner
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