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Wedding trends – check out our site!

How is the 2016 wedding season shaping up to be? We already know! It’s bound to be a fantastic year for weddings and wedding receptions alike. Take a look at 5 strongest wedding trends that will rule the year in our opinion:

Wedding decorations and style

The last years a royal style of weddings has been all the rage. It looks like the tide is turning, and more simple, vibrant forms are gaining popularity. A light wedding with citrus colours – this is a great pick that’s sure to be in vogue soon!

Wedding flowers

WINSA Wedding Planners already know that simple combinations of colour and style make for fantastic flower arrangements, wreath, bouquets, decorations and all the other floral items at a wedding. The dominating trend in wedding bouquets seem to be fresh flowers straight from a garden. The more natural a composition seems, the better – don’t be afraid to mix flowers of various sizes and colours. Another trends is a variation on the ombre – this needs flowers of differing shapes in sizes, but in a single colour. This year also sees an influx in popularity of decorational fruits and herbs. 


Wedding invitations and vignettes

Golden and amber-coloured letters coupled with thick and shiny paper are certainly trending this year – but so do raw materials with simple handwriting. The most important overall trend is to make both the vignettes and invitations stand out and fill them with genuine character! 

Gourmet inspirations

Arranging the reception party with long banquet tables will make the occasion seem more close and similiar to a large family event – which is great for a rustic wedding. The menu should most certainly include vegetarian and gluten-free items, all approppriately labeled. One of the largest upcoming trends are western-style sweet buffets – check them out!

Naked wedding cakes are wedding cakes, but without all the unnecessary frosting and cream. I have been watching this trend unfold in the western countries and it has finally reached Poland as well. A naked wedding cake is a celebration of naturalism and an expression of restrained elegance. Fresh fruit and flowers work really well as decorations for naked wedding cakes!

Happy planning!

Be Inspired by Winsa,
Dorota Nowakowska
Polish Wedding Planner

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