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Wedding seating chart

A wedding seating chart also know as a seating plan is one of those very important details during the wedding planning stage  that sometimes get overlooked due to not being quite as glamourous as some others… or at leat it might seem that way! When properly decorated and showcased, a wedding seating chart is a wonderful wedding decoration in addition to serving a quite important function. You can have fun with it at outdoor weddings in particular!
Often the newlyweds want the guests to pick their spots and seating themselves. They may think it makes the Guests more comfortable. Even if it does sound like a solid idea in theory, in practice, in doesn’t really work out that way. It’s pretty much guaranteed that some wedding guests won’t be able to find a place near their loved ones. If the places are not tied down, it may resort to a fastest wins principle – which obviously doesn’t work well for wedding seating. For some, it may even break their wedding experience, or it may result in some guests trying to remodel the ballroom themselves.
From an organizational viewpoint the lack of a a wedding seating chart may cause quite some chaos, particularly if we’re talking about a large wedding. Joining tables, moving chairs around or even swinging dishes around can postpone the beginning of your wedding by even as long as 30 minutes. This will not only cause confusion, but perhaps more importantly so will disrupt the kitchen proceedings – and the warmth of the dishes.
From my own experience as a wedding planner I know that Guests really appreciate wedding seating charts. They eliminate all confusion and let the Guests just enjoy the party. They can also rest assured nobody is going after their spot. A wedding seating chart may also reduce any chances of arguments!
In order to create a unique wedding seating chart you can use old picture frames, stylish mirrors or painting canvas. You could use little wooden bits to highlight the tables – or use flower vases! Possibilites really are endless. You can go for engraved names or you could write them yourself with a piecei of chalk. It’s just up to your imaginaiton how original and unique your seating chart for a wedding is going to be. When designing wedding seating charts I always make sure they tie into the theme of the wedding and all of the decorations in order to create a singular and powerful look. The seating chart for your wedding should be one of those beautiful details itself!


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Have fun planning your wonderful wedding!

Be Inspired by Winsa,
Dorota Nowakowska
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