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Wedding preparations calendar

Your wedding and reception is one of the most important endeavours you will take on in your whole life – and there is quite the number of things to take care about in the process, all necessary for your special days to be incredible. A wedding planning timeline is a very important thing to have – it will let you keep track of everything that you need to remember.
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Wedding planning timeline
10-18 months before the wedding

  •     Choose the nature of the ceremony: concordat wedding, church wedding, civil marriage
  •     Know the amount of wedding guests
  •     Have a wedding budget
  •     Hire a wedding planner, if your plans call for it
  •     Develop the concepts and scenario of the ceremony and make decisions about the color palette
  •     Book a wedding venue suited to the style of the ceremony and the number of guests
  •     Book the time and date of the ceremony in the church or in the registry office – or both
  •     Pick you DJ and wedding band
  •     Select and book a wedding photographer and filming services

6 – 9 months before the wedding

  •     Make a division of duties and tasks – when, where, who and what he does
  •     Choose and purchase the wedding dress for the bride and a suit for the groom
  •     Start going to to premarital learning classes
  •     Book your honeymoon!
  •     Pick the wedding witnesses
  •     Set a list of wedding gifts
  •     Order wedding rings
  •     Book wedding transport for the Bride and Groom
  •     Book a make-up artist, hairdresser and florist
  •     Take care of your condition and health – this is not to be overlooked

3 – 5 months before the wedding

  •     Order wedding invitations and prepare their contents
  •     Purchase wedding accessories: veil, shoes, jewelry, underwear, etc
  •     Provide the necessary documents needed to get married
  •     Plan the Bachelorette Party and Bachelor Party complete with the attractions
  •     Sign an inter-personal notary if that is your call
  •     Pre-book accommodation for guests
  •     Prepare the wedding menu, type of cakes and drinks and choose a wedding cake and the sweets
  •     Plan the transport for guests
  •     Inform your employers about the wedding and apply for a holiday
  •     Make decisions on any additional attractions
  •     Pick up wedding rings
  •     Start a dancing course
1 – 2 months before the wedding

  •    Address invitations and invite guests to the wedding
  •    Choose decorations, wedding bouquets, flowers for the church, for the room, for the car
  •     Plan a music repertoire, or a setlist if you will
  •     Make an appointment for a trying on the wedding dress and the suit so any necessary adjustments can be made
  •     Purchase gifts for parents’ thanks
  •     Prepare the exact course of the wedding day
  •     Plan the seating of guests
  •     Arrange for children’s care at the wedding, if necessary
  •     Make an appointment for a trial hairstyle and make up
  •     Order the place cards on the tables, print the menu.
  •     Employ a wedding day coordinator if there is no wedding consultant
  •     Confirm all wedding reservations and services
  •     Participate in the first confession before the wedding (concordat or church wedding)

1- 2 weeks before the wedding

  •     Verify the list of wedding guests
  •     Establish a ceremony plan with the Priest or Official
  •     Organize a Bachelorette Party and Bachelor Party
  •     Prepare the necessary orientation maps for guests
  •     Collect all necessary wedding accessories in one place

The day before the wedding (this is a very important part when it comes to the calendar of pre-wedding preparations)!
  •     Prepare the relevant documents.
  •     Pick up the flowers from the florist.
  •     Pack the vanity case.
  •     Participate in the second confession before the wedding.
Wedding day

  •     Get plenty of sleep and relax
  •     Visit your hairdresser and stylist
  •     Greet the Guests and have fun!
After the wedding

  •     Send thanks to guests
  •     Organize an outdoor wedding photoshoot
  •     Provide information on the change of last name to the appropriate offices
  •     Pack for your honeymoon and live happily ever after!

The long, exhausting list of pre-wedding duties can be a bit of a headache, even with a solid wedding planning timeline. We hope however that it will help you navigate this. Remember not to let any imperfections ruin your day! I also invite you to cooperate with WINSA wedding planners in either wedding planning, wedding day coordination or just to prepare a bespoke wedding planning timeline.

Be Inspired,
Dorota Nowakowska
Konsultant Ślubny Winsa
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