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Unique engagement

Every woman dreams of the perfect engagement. One that she will remember for all of her life and smile each time she takes a look at the engagement ring. It can be quite the challenge for her man to prepare an approppriately memorable and unique engagement and truly make the most of the moment. It’s important to carefully consider the whole moment, and each element of it – be it the words to say, the ring to give or the moment to do it at.
There are countless of ideas for unique engagements, but the best one will always be the one that suits your woman the best. It’s good to observe her reactions on various stuff when roaming the town or when watching a movie – this can give you some clues regarding what would the perfect engagement be for her.
No matter where would you like to the perfect engagement to happen – an engagement in a hotel, restaurant, cinema, or a rooftop engagement – it has got to be a carefully planned moment – nothing can be left random. It is one of the most important events in your life, after all!
If you don’t yet know how to acheive such an effect or simply don’t have the means or time to arrange it, contact us at WINSA wedding planning. We will prepare a unique engagement that’s tailored to you and your loved one. In the meantime, take a look at some inspirations that hopefully get your mind stirring:

 What matters the most? The idea, not the budget! Take a look at some of those:
• Ask the question in a place that’s special to you – like the location of your first date or the place you’ve kissed in for the first time. Just make sure you’re both dressed well! You can also supplement this with a love letter.
•   Write the “will you marry me?” question on a piece of paper and slide it into a photo album. Fill the remaining spaces with photos you you together. Take your woman to a nice restaurant and gift her the album. Observe her reaction and when ready, propose with the engagement ring!
• Organize a free day for a picnic, preferably in the mountains, the countryside or any other nice location. Pack her favourite foods and snacks, fruit and champagne. And then, pop the question during the perfect scenic picnic!
• Rent a boat just for the two of you. Prepare candles and chocolates. Put some sensual music on (just what will this be is absolutely individul!) with a specially prepared part where… you ask her to marry you! If you have some computer-savvy friends, it will be easier to make than it sounds. 
•   Use the shared passions you have – if you’re both into a particular sport, a video game or an activity, place a “will you marry me?” writing in some prominent place where she will be sure to notice. It’s a fantastic and very personal idea for the perfect engagement!
•    Take your loved one to any entertainment venue that makes candid pictures, like a rollercoaster ride. When the picture time comes, pop out a board you have prepared before asking her if she’ll marry you. This is a bit less serious, which may be a dealbreaker to some, but for others, it will be the perfect unique engagement!
And one more engegement suggestion, but this time, it’s directed for you, my dear ladies. If you feel the moment of engagement is coming, make some delicate suggestions to your man. And if you’re brave, don’t be afraid to ask the question yourself – power to you! 


If you’re planning an engagement in Krakow, be sure to contact us – we will help with preparing a wonderful one of a kind engagement. Just give us a call!
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