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Rustic Wedding at the Cedron Valley

This summer is full of warmth and heat – during one of those hot summer day a wonderful rustic wedding has taken place – one of Dorota and Przemek. In this hot climate there has been a summer wedding coordinated by WINSA Wedding Planners. We have had the pleasure to coordinate the wedding at Cedron Valley by Krakow in each and every smallest detail, making it a wonderful and complete project. It also is a kind of an outdoor wedding, which is one of ours specialties at WINSA Wedding Planners. This wonderful rustic wedding is a truly inspriring one, even for us, and the sight of the bride running happily in vintage-style sandals was truly breathtaking. There is WOW-effect aplenty with this wedding in a rustic style!

There are countless wedding venues that get a mental note from me as wedding planner. The Cedron Valley is certainly one of those places – it’s a truly wonderful sight and a great place to get married. It has plenty of elements that lend themself well to wedding coordination, as well as wedding photography. If you’re interested in a rustic wedding, be sure to check the Cedron Valley (Dolina Cedronu) out!
Be Inspired by Winsa,
Dorota Nowakowska
Polish Wedding Planner
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