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Wedding and reception with a travel motif

Each of us dreams of a unique wedding. To organize one it takes quite a bit of invention and creativity! Some of the better ideas we have seen are international weddingsoutdoor weddings, original wedding decorations or weddings in extraordinary places. Lately we have seen something new – a wedding with a travel motif. We have quite liked it, so we want to share some photos of this inspiring wedding!
How to show the world during a wedding? To organize a reception and wedding with a motif of travel, you just need to pick a place – one that you love. Divide it into smaller parts and translate the layout into the layout of your wedding venue! Have some fun with your special day – it is a wedding, not a funeral, after all.
Original wedding menu – an original wedding menu can be quite the treat at a travel-style wedding. You can go absolutely wild and go for food for all places of the world for your wedding reception dinner – or even prepare buffets in various parts of your “world”! At wedding planned and organized by WINSA you can always see some very tasty wedding food served in a creative and beautiful style. It’s one of the signatures of WINSA Wedding Planners!

Here is your best playground. All the decorations and even the floral arrangements can pay homage to your travel motif!

travel wedding can be quite the wonderful thing as you can see in the pictures here! It’s a brilliant idea for everybody infatuated with their passion.
Dorota Nowakowska
Wedding Planner in Krakow
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