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Take inspirations from the pros!

From the very beginning we have all been taught just how important it is to be self-sufficient. No wonder that while wedding planning we still tend to try to take care of everything by ourselves. It’s quite the daunting task however – between picking the wedding venuethe photographer, the music, the foods, vignettes, decorations, alcohol, transport, accommodation and plenty of other things, it’s very easy to get lost.

If you’re currently in this very situation, surely you know just how right I am right now. Wedding planning is not an easy task without a professional’s help. For this reason, we would like to encourage you to seek out help so that compromises don’t have to be made and nothig is overlooked regarding your wedding, reception and even the engagement.
A wedding planner is a person with vast experience planning weddings and organizing reception parties. It’s also a person that’s going to act as an executer and a negotiator – which really comes in handy. A wedding planner also oversees the quality of services of all the other involved parties.
With a wedding planner, wedding preparations are neither hard, nor time-consuming. A wedding planner is a helping hand at each stage of the wedding preparations, ready to talk out of a bad solution and highlight the good ones. A wedding planner is a perfect coordinator that makes sure the whole wedding and reception party goes smoothly and so that everything is ready on time. Due to a wedding planner’s extensive experience, price negitiations are a completely different process than without one and may result in the whole endeavor being more cost-effective than one without a professional wedding planner
Would it not be beautiful to just enjoy the wedding and not worry about neither the preparations, not the process of the wedding itself? it’s very much a possibility. Contact WINSA Wedding Planners – professional wedding planners that offer a high-level service with a very individual approach. We organize and plan engagements, weddings, events and reception parties in the South Poland as well as abroad. Take a look at our offer to get an idea about what we can do for you, but remember that we can do much more – all you need to do is ask!
Be Inspired by Winsa,

Dorota Nowakowska
Polish Wedding Planner

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