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Love story in wedding pictures

During the process of getting ready for your wedding it’s often that we look for new ideas in the internet or magazines. We go through thousands of wedding pictures and try to notice all the inspiring details. Notice how usuall it’s the pictures that tell a story are the ones that captivate us – it’s the wedding photography that you can tell an artist is behind.

I would like to present you you some wedding photography by Jose Vila, one of the most talented wedding photographers worldwide. His vibrant style with wonderful pastel colours is a great artistic scene. Most of the shots are staged, yet they seem like genuine candid wedding photography. For me personally, he’s my favourite wedding planner in the world. I have had the pleasure of meeting him when working as an F&B Manager for a prestigious hotel in the USA – it was a wonderful moment!

Fot. Jose Villa
Otwórzcie się na więcej możliwości! 

Be Inspired by Winsa,
Dorota Nowakowska
Polish Wedding Planner
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