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Kids at a wedding – how to keep them happy?


How to have happy kids at a wedding, birthday party or the children’s day? It’s an important question that mamy parents has to tackle when planning the event. It’s also a question for couples planning their wedding with children. We have prepared some pointers that will help you navigate.
It’s important to make certain preparations for any event with kids. Let me give you some ideas on what to do to make and keep the kids happy and playing. Those ideas are also bound to result in a wedding where the parents are free of stress and worries. What to do for both the kids and the adults to enjoy the wedding and any other party or event:
1. A separate table for kids – let the youngest guests feel special at the party. Prepare a table in a way you would do for a “real” adults’ table, but add some playful decorations and serve a special kids wedding menu right from the very start. Kids like simple dishes that they know – and beautiful salads from fresh fruit! Giant bowls full of candy will act plenty well as the dessert. To drink, prepare a large number of colourful, healthy juices that the kids can pour themselves into light cups with colourful straws.
2. Play Area – prepare a safe play area for kids where you’ll be able to organize the entertainment. Kids love toys, games and colouring – prepare crayons, stickers and sheets of thick paper that the kids will be able to use to have fun at your wedding. You could also prepare a special gallery for the kids’ work to be displayed and even have prizes for the coolest ones. There are plenty more wedding activities for kids – the girls could make some macaroni jewelry and the kids make some statues from clay. For the youngest guests at the wedding you can also have some sets of puzzle, legos and board games – all age-approppriate, of course. 
3. Physical activities – prepare some outdoor wedding activities for kids! Remember to have some balls to play, various rackets, hula hoops, colourful chalk, frisbees, buckets, sand shovels and anything else you can find. In the garden the kids could also have a treasure hunt with small gifts or simply sweets acting as the treasure. It’s a great outdoor wedding activity for kids!
4. Blowing bubbles – do you remember blowing bubbles from your childhood? it’s still a fun activity for kids, and one that provides a fantastic, romantic scenery – particularly for pictures. Go ahead and put some bubble blowing sets on the kids’ tables for the benefit of all of the wedding and the reception!
5. Make the kids superstars – use a special photobooth with a large set of various items and let the kids play in a music video, cowboy movie or much, much more. Later during the night this one’s bound to attract plenty of the older crowd as well – and it really is quite fun! 
6. Music for kids – have a room with music dedicated for kids. This way they’ll be able to have their special music and the place to truly have fun – without disrupting your wedding in any way. It provides plenty of fantastic pictures and happy kids! 
7. Hire a pro – hire a professional entertainer for kids. They will be able not only to make the kids really enjoy themselves, but also watch out for their safety during the whole event. Kids at a wedding can sometimes be a headache and it’s good to have a person dedicated just to them. The activities for children at a wedding can include face painting, making baloon animals, a puppet theatre, making cotton candy and much more. And think of all the stress this is going to relieve!
8. Have a theme – even if your themed wedding is going for a different style than what would the kids enjoy the most, you can always provide a variaton of this or even a totally separate theme for the kids. It could be indians or medieval stuff – but the possibilites are endless! The kids’ part of the wedding can provide quite the vibrant, colourful splash that’s always a joy to the eye even among the beauty that’s bound to be everywhere at the wedding. 
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As you can see there are plenty of ideas for kids at a weding. It’s worth remembering however that it’s mostly up to the adults to provide the environment in which the kids can be their playful, happy selves.
Be Inspired,
Dorota Nowakowska
Konsultant Ślubny Winsa
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