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Fresh and minty wedding inspirations

 Hello, bright sun, hello, birds singing in the mornings! Hello, green aromatic grass and hello all the bright colours and delicious fruit. We have waited long for you all. Now we can roll out all the new ideas and fresh motifs and you them in a wedding style. There are as many wedding styles as there are people and personalities. A lot of you follow the wedding trends, but still I would like to present one of my favourite current wedding trends, which is the fresh mint. A minty wedding can be delicately styled but it can also be a festival of that wonderful refreshing colour. Take a look at how some other couples have utilized the colour in their weddings:
A huge advantage of this minty colour is the ease of composing it along with the colours orange, raspberry, or the evergreen white. It looks great on wedding jewelry, vignettes or bridesmaids’ dresses. You can also work it into some of the delicacies of the sweet buffet. Have a fresh wedding with the colour mint!

Be Inspired,
Dorota Nowakowska
Konsultant Ślubny Winsa
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