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Church wedding decorations

A church is the traditional place where the wedding ceremony is carried out – it can also be viewed as a beautiful sanctuary of love. Some churches are more elegant than others, some bigger, some smaller – no two churches are exactly the same. This makes picking the church wedding decorations a highly individual affair that depends not only on the wedding style you’re going for, but also the church you have picked.
Before you start arranging the church decorations it’s important to talk to the head of the particular church – the priest. This way you will know from the beginning what is allowed and what is frowned upon, what elements you can use to decorate the church or your wedding. If your budget is not particularly big, you could ask the priest about other weddings that may happen the same day, and if there are some, reach out to them and ask about sharing the wedding decorations  – which means splitting the cost.
For wedding church decorations you may use flowers, candles, decorational lights, flower petals, ribbons and much, much more.
Take a look at some decorations that have recently inspired us:

Don’t forget that however beautiful the decorations or the church, the true wedding centerpiece is the couple and their feelings for one anothe. If you would like to get some more inspirations or some help preparing your very own unique wedding church decorations, contact us – we will make your wedding dreams come true.

Be Inspired by Winsa,
Dorota Nowakowska
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