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A fairytaly wedding in Kraków

There is a truly breathtaking wedding to be had in a castle in Krakow.

Organizing a wedding in Krakow as well as a reception in Krakow or its whereabout yields the possibilty of organizing a beautiful wedding at a castle in Krakow. We have prepared some hand-picked spots for a wedding near Krakow, in which WINSA Wedding Planner has prepared and coordinated the wedding day. Wedding day coordination is an extraordinarily pleasant process, in partucular if we’re talking about an extraordinary wedding. WINSA Wedding Planners provides a beautiful fairytale wedding at a castle – with even more magic than could be expected!

  • Goetz Palace in Brzesk

The Goetz Palace in Brzesk has been built in 1898 which means it has a long-standing and rich history. It’s a perfect place for a fairytale wedding in Krakow! It has authentic wooden detailing, stylish, period furniture, crystal chandeliers and vintage paintings by famous masters on the walls. Each couple and their guests will feel truly special in the fairytale interiors of the Goetz Palace in Brzesk. The palace complex is surrounded by a vast English style garden which lends itself really well to a royal wedding. A wedding at a palace – now this is hard to beat, is it not?
  • Smilowice Palace


The Smilowice palace is also a wonderful place for a fairytale wedding at a castle. The palac also boasts quite the rich history and a selection of characteristics that mean it is a perfect place for wedding organization, as well as a wedding reception party. You can choose to have the wedding ceremony in the palace itself or a garden wedding in the wonderful gardens of the palace. We are absolutely positive that both choices will leave you amazed – you can just pick whichever option works best with the current weather and time of the year. After all, a seasonal wedding is a wonderful thing. All the palace ballrooms (yes, wedding ballrooms!) are a great fit for a reception party. Their names? The Crystal room, the Amber room, the Ballroom as well as the Oranzeria. Is one of those interiors just the special place for a wedding that you’re looking for? Visit their website and find out!
  • The palace of the Radziwill family

The last of the original places for weddings near Krakow that we would like to showcase is probaby the most famous of the palaces here. It’s the wonderful, breathtaking Radziwill palace. Who wouldn’t want to host their wedding at the XV century estate of the noble, sich as the Ossolinscy, the Firlejs or the Radziwills of course? The Guests of the palace have their interiors at their full disposal during their fairytale reception and wedding as well as the garden with the full freedom to decorate according to one’s wishes.
Picking a wonderful place for a wedding in Malopolska is a truly pleasant process. The region is rich in beautiful structures that are great fits for a wedding or a reception party. Contact us for a wonderful wedding in Poland at a castle!
Be Inspired by Winsa,
Dorota Nowakowska
Polish Wedding Planner
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