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Questions and answers

At every step of the way, we cooperate together.

Who is a wedding planner?

A Wedding Planner is an expert in organizing Weddings and Receptions or assisting and planning the process.  It’s a person who negotiates the best deals on the best products and services for the soon-to-weds. A wedding planner makes wedding preparations a genuine  joy as opposed to a chore it’s bound to turn out to be given just how complex the market is. A wedding planner assists at every stage of the planning for the Perfect Day. Points out what areas need particular attention and proposes tailored solutions. A wedding planner is the perfect coordinator that makes sure every part goes according to the meticulous plan – which means the Couple does not have to. This includes parts such as contracts, negotiations, bills and payments. Extensive knowledge of the wedding industry is necessary so that the couple always gets a modern, unique and well thought out wedding and reception with no hiccups. With a wedding planner, the Couple can take genuine joy from the process of planning their Perfect Day and then have the opportunity to actually enjoy it.

How early should I contact a wedding planner?

The earlier You  contact a wedding planner, the more offers that suit your style and preferences will be available. The best time to contact a wedding planner is between 10 and 12 months before the event, while 3 months is the minimum time of organizing a registry-office wedding abroad. In extreme cases, it may be possible to shorten this timeframe

How much does Winsa wedding planning cost?

There is no set pricing of services of WINSA Wedding Planners, as your wedding will be unique and unlike other weddings – there is too many variables that depend on just what a wedding & reception you want to have. Also, you may commission us to plan your whole wedding and reception, but you also may just need us to take care of a few pieces missing from your perfect plan. No matter the case, before signing a contract we will present a tailored and comprehensive cost estimate of our service. The price will depend on our involvement in the areas of planning and other services we provide.

Is it possible to organize a wedding to a strct budget?

Yes. It is possible to set a hard cap on the budget of your wedding and reception, however, you have to be prepared that such an arrangement may require compromises. That said, we will do our best to make the wedding and reception meet your expectations without going over the budget.

Does Winsa wedding planning work with couples outside Poland?

Yes – we have several services tailored for couples or people living outside Poland. We can help you in comprehensive planning of a wedding in one of the most romantic European destinations – Vienna, Venice, Rome or Paris. If your dream wedding involves Poland, we will make just this come true and help you at every step of the organization. We guarantee full contact by phone, email and various forms of communication over the internet.

Why should I choose Winsa wedding planner?

Choosing WINSA Wedding Planner guarantees unmitigated discretion and a fully individual approach, with an offer tailored just for your needs and desires. Your requirements are always the highest priority for us. We guarantee that our services will make Your lives easier and invite joy into the process of planning your wedding and reception. We will make your Perfect Day truly one of a kind, in vogue and elegant. Our wedding planners provide only the highest level of service, as evidenced by an international wedding planner certificate and extensive experience in the US, Ireland and Poland.