Wedding day coordination

Stół weselny niebieski z etykietą ślubną w ramce, złote talerze na ślubie, kieliszki na ślub, dekoracje roślinne na ślub i wesele

Everything is prepared, ready and sets, your Perfect day is getting closer by each day. You’re fully set to enjoy yourself on your wedding day, but there is that lingering thought that something is going to ruin your wedding?

If so, this service will be perfect for you. We will join you during your wedding day and coordinate each aspect of the festivities, and if any issues arise, we will handle them quickly and discreetly – possibly without you even noticing. With this you get the full comfort and security that your Perfect Day will go smoothly – and it’s hard to put a price tag on. You will reduce the stress levels not just for yourselves, but also for your parents and loved ones!

See below what we can assist with so that all you need to concern yourself with at your wedding is having fun:

  • Preparing a scenario of the event and coordinating it accordingly
  • Preparing the decorations at the church and the wedding venue
  • Supervising the work and deliverables of the subcontractors
  • Supervising the venue staff
  • Coordinating the transport of the Couple and the Guests
  • Monitoring the flowers and the presents for the Couple
  • General care over the soon-to-weds during the ceremony and for the duration of the most difficult period – the last month before the ceremony.
  • Solving any potential issues quickly and discreetly, even during the actual wedding or reception

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