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Wedding guest books


From time to time I take a break from the current wedding trends to look for some truly unique ideas to enrich the wedding and the reception party. It’s because I believe not only in a deeply personal stylization of the wedding, but also in incorporating an original standout element that will keep the wedding an amazing experience not just for the couple, but also for the guest. There are a lot of ways to spice up a wedding. One of them is an extraordinary and original use of wedding guestbooks:

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wedding guestbook is a very nice reminder of a wedding after all they years – but it’s also a fantastic functional decorative element. It can be a traditional book, a painting or even an engraved bottle of wine! It could take the form of a tree with fine leaves for the guests to leave their fingerprints and a note for the Bride and Groom – or a peacock with spreading feathers. Wedding guests can also leave their wishes for the bride and groom on stones, wine corks, vases, puzzle pieces, colorful cards, postcards, in letter envelopes or beautifully designed origami. Guestbook cards can also be filled in with the sentences written on a typewriter in the Vintage style or by had in the boho style. There are a lot of ideas for this one element of the wedding party, see for yourself!

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Did any of the wedding guestbooks here strike your fancy? Would you like for such an element to be an attraction by itself, or even be closely related to your wedding motif?
Be Inspired, 
Dorota Nowakowska
Konsultant Ślubny Winsa
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