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The winners of Trendy Chef 2013

Today I would like to inform you with great joy that the winners of the 2nd International Culinary Competition Trendy Chef 2013 were the brothers Michał Kuduk and Dariusz Kuduk, who, among others, create culinary inspirations for exclusive parties and unique weddings at WINSA Wedding Planners 
Privately, these are my brothers, of whom I am very proud.
Trendy Chef – is one of the most prestigious culinary competitions, which aims to discover, get to know and present new talents and culinary personalities. The competition’s participants are creative chefs who follow the current trends of taste and arrangement of dishes at the highest world level. Chefs who inspire with their modern ideas and set trends in restaurants.

In this year’s Trendy Chef culinary competition organized in Bydgoszcz, the best cooks from Poland, Germany and Sweden participated. Their task was to prepare fish soup, a main duck dish and chocolate dessert within 2 hours.

The Trendy Chef competition was nominated for the Polish Culinary Cup 2013 and received the WACS accreditation for 2012. For the brothers Michał and Dariusz Kuduk, it is the second nomination for the prestigious Polish Cup in their careers.

It is a great honor to have such talented chefs in both the family and the team.

Serdecznie gratuluję i życzę dalszych sukcesów!
Be Inspired, 
Dorota Nowakowska 
Konsultant Ślubny Winsa
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